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Frequently Asked Questions

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emblemQ: Why should I get a lawyer? Isn’t tax what accountants do?
emblemQ: What kind of law does your firm specialize in?
emblemQ: You have restricted your practice to Canadian income tax, trusts and estates law, why? What does that mean?
emblemQ: I just got reassessed by the Canadian Revenue Agency. What should I do?
emblemQ: I may not have reported all of my worldwide income. What can I do?
emblemQ: I have been seeing these ads on TV showing a law firm that says they can protect me from the CRA, is that what you do?
emblemQ: My company wants to set up an operation in Canada, can you help me with that or do you just do the tax part?
emblemQ: Do you practice international tax law?
emblemQ: What is the CRA?
emblemQ: How do I contact the CRA?
emblemQ: Who do I talk to about getting my tax refund?
emblemQ: Who do I talk to about the Canada Child Tax Benefit program?
emblemQ: What does being audited mean?
emblemQ: How long do I have to keep my financial records?
emblemQ: Is there a time limit on taxation years for an audit?
emblemQ: What is a notice of assessment?
emblemQ: What is a notice of Reassessment?
emblemQ: What do I do if I disagree with the notices of assessments or reassessments?
emblemQ: What is the time limit to file an objection?
emblemQ: Where do I send a notice of Objection to?
emblemQ: What is a Voluntary Disclosure?
emblemQ: Are Voluntary Disclosures anonymous?
emblemQ: How do I make a disclosure to the CRA’s Voluntary Disclosure Program?
emblemQ: What do I do if I cannot afford to pay my taxes?
emblemQ: What is taxpayer relief?
emblemQ: Does the CRA take payment plans?
emblemQ: Is there a penalty for filing my taxes late?
emblemQ: What is tax evasion?
emblemQ: What is tax fraud?
emblemQ: What do I do if I’ve been scammed?
emblemQ: I made a mistake on my taxes, what can I do?
emblemQ: How do I stop the CRA from seizing my accounts?
emblemQ: What do I do if the CRA garnished my wages?
emblemQ: What is bankruptcy?
emblemQ: Does declaring bankruptcy mean I do not owe taxes?
emblemQ: What is a tax shelter?
emblemQ: Can I claim any donation to any charity?
emblemQ: What is a principal residence?
emblemQ: Do I qualify for principal residence exemption when I sell my house?
emblemQ: Tax lawyer vs Accountant?
emblemQ: I have information about someone who has an offshore account and is not paying taxes, can I get paid for my information?
emblemQ: Do you do free consultations?